07 August 2005

The View from Above

The worst part about breaking bits of sailing gear is that it always happens "up there". Don't know why, but it does. Seeing as how it's my boat, I'm the guy who has to go "up there" to fix it.

The view is good and once you're up there it's not so bad but even with a couple of halyards attached and sticky gloves and wrapping your legs around the mast, it just feels scary. You've seen me "up there" and I pretended to be all cool about it, but I have to tell you, it's better to just not break things.

And don't even get me started on people getting on and off the boat while I'm up there. Step carefully people, step carefully.


Anonymous said...

Bad enough in port ... terrifying at sea! I have only had to go aloft once while offshore ... and that was enough!

EVK4 said...

Nice try...you had paid crew. Have you ever seen the pictures of the AC boats in Valencia where all the boats have someone aloft to watch for gusts/shifts? that's scary.