10 August 2005

Racing Friday

The crew twisted my arm and we're going out again Friday night. If I keep this up, I'll never pleasure-sail again? That would be bad.

Last week illustrated a few needs that the boat has:
  • sheet bag reachable by helm
  • hand-bearing compass
  • hand-held VHF
  • aft lower shroud attached to mast

  • The first is easily rectified, I have to spend money on the second, I am resisting the third, and the fourth was fixed last week. Does that mean we're prepared? Hell no.

    Look at this forecast from SailFlow:
    Ridge rebuilds a bit over the interior spiking temps upward. Hot temps return to Central Valley, maybe slight downward trend for AM fog push. Sherman 20-25 early and late. East Bay coming on stornger (sic) than past couple of days, hope for Crissy as well for upper teen range. Peninsula still underpowered as NW flow remains quite weak and nearshore winds just don't want to cooperate.

    That means we're looking at another foggy night with 20+knot winds. We won't be the only ones with reefs again this week. But it also means we'll be in before the BBQ is done.


    Anonymous said...

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    I'd love to see you there :-)

    EVK4 said...

    Nice spam anonymous.

    Zephyr (Sail) said...

    A few needs, eh...something about a shower and $100 bills? Good to see your enjoying summer on the Bay - the exact opposite is Long Island Sound at the moment where folks wish they were breaking something...ah well, fall is coming.

    EVK4 said...

    1. done
    2. done
    3. none available at clearance center
    4. done

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