13 June 2005

Equal Time

1 hour dock time for every 1 hour of sailing. I keep pretty steadily to that maxim, putting in about equal time to boat maintenance as to . The last few weeks have been so incredible that I've fallen behind, but I'm pretty sure I had credits built up from our El Nino Rainy Winter.

This Saturday, we went out for a great sail to Angel Island to buzz the Etchells OD race. This trip is roughly equal to a 4 year old's attention span for holding on to a well varnished tiller while having pictures of her taken. When we got back, it was "up the mast" time to finish the mast light work. Friday night, we had troubleshot to determine that we had a bad switch/fuse at the panel, got that fixed but also realized the bulb was blown.

Ah crap, that means I'm going up there. I put my best face on, hammed it up a bit for the blog:

And pretended to fall:

Oddly enough, in all these years, this was only the second time I'd gone up a mast. There always seemed to be someone lighter than me (no small feat given my svelte physique). Now, it's time to go a bit higher and put that windex on. Onward and upward!


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling lucky, sort of "thousandish". Could this be true?

EVK4 said...

Yes, it is!!!!

Anonymous said...

good to know people actually come out to look at the etchells' races. I'm never sure if the boats I see near by are frightened by or interested in the event.