26 May 2010

A challenge to John Bertrand

Over at the mighty O Dock, there is great consternation over Senor Rouse's demotion from the Tillerman List of Worthy Blogs.  After several months of blogging silence brought about by an injured "SWX" finger (you know the one that types those letters), I have decided that I can blog again.  I'm not over the emotional turmoil of all that silence but I can at least maintain home position on the keyboard again.

During this absence, this blog was apparently dropped from the Top Ten list.  I saw it coming (you don't need the SWX finger to read blogs) but am still somewhat disappointed as I thought I had some sort of lifetime exemption due to my mad blogging skillz.  I was wrong.  Tillerman pointed it out to me very succinctly:
And there are so many great sailing blogs out there, such as the one written by John Bertrand. Surely, Edward, you wouldn't want me to demote John Bertrand to make room for you? 
Well, hell yeah, I think he should demote John Bertrand to make room for the newly re-branded SuperbBlog.  I have a new confusing blog name, last post I put a picture of a freakin' Ericsson 35 up, and I know the difference between "it's" and "its".  What part of that last sentence doesn't scream, "this guy knows sailing and blogging and is a badass!"?

But, I guess after 5+ years of blogging about sailing, it's time to take it to the water.  I hereby challenge John Bertrand to a race.  Not just any race, but a very important race that is near and dear to my heart.  You see, John Bertrand is possibly a better sailor than I am so I need extra motivation.  I am willing to put my world record on the line.

I'm talking about the First Annual Slip J106 to the Berkeley Marina Breakwater Grudgematch Invitational.  I'm willing to put up the Catalina 22 half-hull model that I never had made as the trophy (please note, it will live in the form of a sketch of the never to be made half-hull model).  The owner of this perpetual "trophy" will only have to promise to periodically challenge someone else to a Grudgematch. 

Since I expect to win, I might go after Cayard next to settle our outstanding dispute from last Pac Cup.  Either way, are you in Bertand?


EVK4 said...

left unsaid is that I pick the boat. No Finns or America's Cup boats. I'll probably choose an El Toro or Newport 28 since I have those.

Tillerman said...

Be very careful what you wish for.

O Docker said...

Edward, baby, the game has all changed since you were last blogging.

It used to be about quality and integrity.

Now it's about bigtime promotion and money. Have you read this Bertrabnd blog? Posts about coaching Finn sailors, international sailing camps - yikes!

I'm guessing Bertrabnd has a ghost writer do the typing while he's out on the cocktail circuit.

And talk about money, I just had to transfer major funds from the Swiss account to Tillerman's broker and I still just made it back on the list by the skin of my teeth.

I'm telling you, the game has changed. It'll take more than some clever patter and cute video of eating salt water taffy this time.

Good luck.

EVK4 said...

Maybe I can get a saltwater taffy vendor as a sponsor. That'd be pretty big league wouldn't it?

Baydog said...

Good to see you back, O Docker. I can just barely see you from down here.

EV: I've got saltwater taffy connections

O Docker said...

Eddy, sweetheart, the last thing a salt water taffy company sponsored was the Fralinger String Band in the mummers' parade.

You're gonna need some major heat, baby.

How about one of the big sail lofts?

When you were working the Examiner gig, did you manage to swing a shoe deal? Puma likes the sail thing.

Look, gotta jet.


Baydog said...


Joe said...

Once again I'm confused by these posts. I guess I did fall of the turnip truck, there's a big lump on my head.

Edward, when will we see David's bio and pic and Sail Valis? I want to read about our local "new media expert" and his mermaid fetish. By the way, what marina is Valis berthed at. My Force 5 is on it's trailer at Schoonmakers. Maybe I can escort you out when you leave for Hawaii.

tillerman said...

Edward, I'm pleased to hear that you know the difference between "it's" and "its". It's such a rare commodity in the sailing blogosphere these days.