26 May 2010

Spinnaker Cup or Bust

I'm doing the Spinnaker Cup on Valis this weekend.  I think it's my first ever overnight sail that doesn't include crossing an ocean.  That's pretty weird when I think about it.  Probably the closest I've ever come to an overnight sail that wasn't crossing an ocean was the Farallones Race a few weeks ago; we didn't cross the line until just before 10PM and didn't get to the dock until an hour later.

But now I'm sailing to Monterey.  We leave around Noon on Friday and should arrive in Monterey just before daybreak.  If the forecast holds, maybe a a bit before just before daybreak.  Either way, overnight.

I was admitting to a friend the other day that despite all my bravado of being a bad ass oceangoing racer, I don't know how to get to Monterey from San Francisco.  It's not like you just go out the Gate, turn left and look for the aquarium.  There are points and bluffs and currents and a lot of ocean.  I don't even know how far out we go before turning left.  I guess I'll find out this weekend.

On another note, check out this sail trim:

If you like that photo, either click on photoboy's photo galleries or contribute over at PressureDrop, the new sailing forum.  The guy responsible for those FLAT sails is on Valis for the Spinnaker Cup.  Should help.


O Docker said...

Geesh, the last time I sailed to Monterey it took three days, but I like stopping at restaurants along the way.

You'll probably be too far out for that.

Look out for the fish traps. It's like a minefield out there.

Zen said...


Word verification: Unburgo = no stopping for burgers on the sail to Monterey.