23 December 2008

Gone to the Dark Side

I love the quote that says, "Come over to the Dark Side, we have cookies!" That's always tempted me...I loooove cookies. The dark side can mean many things: The Force, multihulls, that side of the moon that's permanently facing away from Earth. But in the context of this post it's motorboats.

Yep, that's a Boston Whaler cohabitating with Carroll E. Sharing a slip. Taking up valuable varnishing time. How did Chris come to this? Was it the cookies?

Nope, it was the commute. How cool is this? Chris lives in Berkeley and works in Alameda. His boat is in Berkeley and he has a dock near his office in Alameda. Why drive over the congested roadways when you can drive down to the marina, hop in your whaler and boat to work? Hell yeah, I'd do that. Even without the promise of cookies.


Captain John said...


I work in Alameda too, but live in Pleasanton.

I wonder if I can stow away on the Boston whaler, and sleep in the Marina! I could go to the dark side, become ‘Pirate John’, steal cookies, and feed my boating habit at the same time.

Now where did I put my cutlass and hat?

Anonymous said...

Why is the side of the moon permanently facing away from the earth know as the dark side? Surely all points on the moon, facing the earth or not, and except for a few deep craters at the poles, receive two weeks of sunshine every month?

EVK4 said...

Nitpicker, very good point except that the name "dark side of the moon" has nothing at all to do with astronomy or light quality on the moon. It was named after a Pink Floyd album. Pink Floyd has no explanation for the name of their album. Was probably the drugs speaking.

The O'Sheas said...

Isn't there always a dark side of the moon? It's not always the SAME side, but there's always a dark side.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Ms Kris Andgreg. I am currently on the dark side of the earth. And that's without the benefit of any drugs.

Christy ~ Central Air said...

If there is such a thing as a valid reason for participating in 'stinkpotting,' I suppose this would be an okay candidate.

Still... [[shudder]]