22 December 2008

Number 1 of 190 (now 191)

As a sailblogging community we should rise up and rename Tillerman the Puppet Master. Here he goes again, assigning homework and we all dutifully comply. No real objections here because his latest assignment, Simply the Best, allows me to revisit my favorite post of the year.

I have no idea if this is the "best" post of the year to the voters in the Tilley Top Ten Sweepstakes but it is, by far, my favorite. It's my only 2008 post (out of 191 and counting) that I actually copied and mailed to my non-sailing friends. It's the only one that I actually makes me smile every time I look at it. And, I do look at it a lot.

I did a lot of sailing this year, 35 days on the water and almost 2500 miles. This day, I didn't even sail. All I did was motor around the marina. Those fifteen minutes required years of preparation and have resulted in 3 sails with my young son since. But it's that day that I'll always remember as he finally just calmly sat there and realized that it just wasn't as bad as he thought.

Anyway, to complete the assignment:

This post is simply the best because it makes me smile.


Tillerman said...

Great choice. The judges for the Tilley Top Ten Sailing Superblogs of 2008 have taken due note.

Captain John said...

I usually feel like a puppet after I notice the audience. I never feel like the puppet master. Tilly is welcome to play that role.

But I’m going to throw an idea out on the water and see if my boat is moving and in what direction.

How about a writing project where we describe our first sailing experience. Edward can sponsor a couple of young swabs and tell their stories in their own ‘voice’.

Carol Anne said...

Great idea, Captain John. Of course, to get the most widespread coverage, we should let Tillerman set the parameters, as, for example, his January writing challenge.

Somehow, starting the New Year with a writing project about beginnings makes sense.

The O'Sheas said...

Very good choice. I loved that one.