26 December 2008

Christmas Sailing Traditions

I don't actually have any but might have started a really nice one on Christmas Eve this year. Heidi needed some time to wrap presents and bake a cake and do some things to get the house ready for the Big Day. So, I thought, let's get the kids down to the boat. They can play around down below, finish up the Halloween candy and I can clean the deck.

That's right, on a rainy, cold, fairly miserable Christmas Eve day, I broke out the soap, water and scrub brush and got a very belated and needed deck scrubbing in. The kids hung out down below dry and content with the equivalent of three cups of sugar a piece. And I did pay for that later. But still, it's nice to finish the year with a sparkly clean boat.

Then on Christmas Day itself, the sun was shining brightly and it looked beautiful up in the Oakland Hills. Heidi suggested taking her brother out for a sail. I perked up; Rob yelled, let's do it. But I looked at the clock, thought it would be a bit of a rush but checked the forecast anyway. Whoa, what was this 25-35 with gusts to 45?!? I didn't want to die on Christmas day but with wind like that down there we'd be seeing a bit of it in the hills so I checked some real time stats and it was only 15-20 knots. Still, between the rush and the possibility of non-relaxing weather I passed.

But I think in the future I can plan it out a bit better and maybe sail on a clean boat on Christmas day.

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