10 October 2008

Civilized Attire for Yachting

I recently seconded a member of the sailing community's call for a return to civilized attire for yachting. Since business casual started I just don't get the use out of my suits that I used to.

I only have one problem: water. I tried to be civilized once. I brought a nice shirt and tie on my Trans-Atlantic Pleasure Cruise to wear into port. Great freakin' idea I thought, I'll look so sharp they'll never check my seabag for contraband.

What I didn't anticipate was that the only leak (well, other than the prop shaft) was in the chainplate directly above my Dad's hanging locker. Armani tie ruined, contraband chucked overboard.

But there has to be a way now that I'm an inshore type of sailor. Perhaps just a nice hat. Or a blazer/pfd combo. Or just no rips in my clothing? Or go full suit and invest in a LOT of scotchguard. No matter what I choose, I plan on looking good on the water this winter.


Zen said...

Smashing idea, jolly good show old chap.

Anonymous said...

Edward, is that another shot from your photo expedition to O Dock? Honestly, I don't know how you made it through security.

Get yourself down to West Marine and pick out a proper ascot.

And oh, see if you can do something about those shoes.