14 October 2008

Another Swimming Post

I have a sail-related post planned shortly but first I have to point out another excellent weekend in the pool. Camille raced in a small dual meet (unofficial with just two clubs). It was small, fun and we know a lot of other people on the other team. But, really, it was about the racing. Three races, three firsts, two of those being her best time in the event.

50 Free, touching the wall just ahead of M.

25 Breaststroke, barely ahead of M.

25 Butterfly, 20 seconds even!

My favorite is the bottom one because there *are* 5 other swimmers in the pool, they just couldn't quite make it into the frame in time. I'm not sure who's having more fun at these meets, Camille or me. But it's definitely fun enough to miss entire weekends of sailing. Sometimes.

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