20 July 2008

Just how the brochures promised

today is the day exactly how the brochures sold it. the water is a perfect deeeeeppppp blue, the skies are clear and beautiful, we are on the great circle line to Kaneohe, and bursting downwind with the butterflies up. there are so many stories that I need to write that is just hard to do in this nav station. I am filling up a journal and memory card to properly document the trip and will get them all on the blog.

The craziest thing happened today. we could see a high pressure zone up in the sky, there was a perfect circle of clouds with blue skies in the middle. Shaped exactly like the isobars, I just hope it shows up in pictures. I had this deep dread in my stomach that the wind would stop exactly as we entered the zone. While on the edge you could see blue water to starboard, gray water to port...and we waited and waited and waited and the wind picked up. This is tradewinds sailing people!

This happened at N 30 49.005' W 136 41.947'

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Anonymous said...

I need to get me one of those brochures! Looking forward to your follow-up posts/photos once the race is completed.

Jim said...

You've been gone a week now - there must be something exciting to post! Having fun tracking the progress on the map though.

Carol Anne said...

I must comment that I have enjoyed tracking you on the map, but over a dial-up connection, it's a bit surreal. I don't have the bandwidth to get the actual map -- what I get, after a wait, is just your track, along with the tracks of the other boats in the C fleet, against a uniform light-blue background. The boats are just sailing through some sort of limbo.

I have a high-speed connection at work, but the powers-that-be have tried to cut off all bandwidth-gobbling applications, such as Facebook and Google Maps (never mind that I have class exercises and lesson plans that require access to Google Maps). Fortunately, an obscure website that tracks sailboat races isn't on the college's radar, so I can actually see the map at work.

I'm keeping an eye on you.