19 July 2008

Fish on Fridays

Real life conversation today:

Lissa: Is today Friday?
EVK4: Nope, it's Saturday (pointing at watch).
Phil: Yeah, yesterday had to be Friday, we had fish.

Heh heh, fish on fridays.

I saw a flying fish go about 50+ feet out of the water today. Very cool, it flies out bounces on a few waves (changing direction) and keeps going. That thing is not getting to get caught easily. Explains why the flying fish lure (blue meanie) seems to be the favorite.

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Anonymous said...

How is it that Chris, who is single handing it, has all this time to write these longish, detailed blogs for his faithful followers and you guys, with a crew of SIX, just give us "fish on friday??!!" We want more.
Do you see other boats? Were you the only one to get sea sick? How long until the half way point? Why is your dot behind a bit? Sea life sitings?
Signed, your loving family who is, at the moment eating pancakes on Sunday morning and playing with playdough...good times!

heidi said...

after re-re-reading all your posts (on both blogs) to the kids, i realize that you did mention sea life and speed. we just want more!!
on a very, very small level i now know how military wives feel, not being able to just pick up the phone and call at will. it'd definitely a bit weird.
Can't wait to hear everything when we see you guys (and Lissa).

Anonymous said...

Good point anonymous. The guy on his own writes long blog posts. The blogger in the crew of 6 gives us "I saw a flying fish".

What could be the explanation?

a) Single-handed sailors are more philosophical, more observant, more intellectual etc. etc.

b) Single-handed sailors are lonely and need to talk to someone, even if only their blog.

c) Oceanaire is a party boat and the six of them are consuming vast quantities of beer and partying all day long and all night long, so Edward has no time to blog, and in any case the guy in the corner pecking away on his laptop would look like a real party pooper.

d) All of the above.

heidi said...

Tillerman, you have Camille and I laughing! We say it's "definitely all of the above."

Carol Anne said...

Or maybe Chris is using some service that has more bandwidth, or at least cheaper bandwidth?

EVK4 said...

Wait until I get to the beer story! It has to wait until we have a clear perimeter from the skipper, he might not be ready to hear how much beer was on board. It explains the 6th place finish.