17 July 2008

No time now

got seasick, am well now and sailing in cold cold wind to hawaii. more to come now that I can access computer. mahalo.

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Zen said...

Hang Loose Brah!

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Groan. Glad that you're back up and at 'em, kiddo! I'm monitoring the race tracking map with the enthusiasm of a hockey fan on game night (and during a fistfight.)

Anonymous said...

Do you have internet access or comm with Carroll E? He was about 95 NM NW of you at 22:30 PDT 7/17.

Unknown said...

I went to my friend Whit's Birthday Party yesterday and they had a jumpy house and his dog, Clavey, ate 7 cupcakes. I wonder how she's feeling this morning?

- Pearce

heidi said...

Clavey and Edward can compare notes when this is all said and done.