22 July 2008

Sea Shanties

We have a few CDs of sea shanties on board but got a new one at the halfway party...I have to say, "Friggin in the Rigging" rocks. Lonnie, I'll send you a picture of me taking my halfway swig with that song in the background. Everyone up on deck is talking about Sir RKJ...excellent photo!

Two things of note last night, I came on watch and for the second straight night, frickin' Flemish Coils everywhere, like some Flemish Coiling Faerie has the watch before me. I'm leaving him an offering tonight to see if he'll come do my docklines someday. Even better than that, I was in shorts for my midnight watch last night. How freaking cool is that? I still had a few layers on top but I was wearing shorts on the ocean in the middle of the night!

No more fish caught, maybe the Mahi Mahi Lure Faerie will help out tonight.

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heidi said...

Um, you wear shorts in the middle of winter sailing on the Bay. Is this really new for you? Or was I always correct in my thinking that you were painfully cold, but refused to admit it or wear pants. So now you're sailing in shorts and just not freezing, right?

Tillerman, Lonnie, can one of you help me out and tell me what Flemish Coils are? I could google it, but I know your answers will be much more amusing.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, trust me, you don't want to know about Flemish coils. This is the most demoralizing thing that could happen to Edward.

But, if you insist, here's the whole morbid story.

Lonnie Bruner said...

Glad you liked the CD!

I hope none of the songs on that disc offended any of the crew --- especially the women. I usually skip over the song "A Matlow Told Me" in the presence of women (and squeemish men).

Did you screen it before playing?

Anonymous said...

A we talking "Salty Dick" here? "Sailortown" is my personal fave.

Anonymous said...

They have "women" on Oceanaire? I thought Lissa was the only woman. What are you hiding from us Edward?

Lonnie Bruner said...


Yes, the infamous Salty Dick.

The Whores of Sailortown is a great one.

Anonymous said...

All sailors should own this cd.

You can get it here.


Carol Anne said...

Heidi, I have heard Flemish coils described as "seagull nests" and as "seagull ..." (insert non-family-rated noun).

They can be very pretty, but as far as I can tell, they serve no meaningful purpose other than to distinguish upper-class o-docker type boaters from lower-class a-docker type boaters.

heidi said...

thanks for the flemish coils info, o docker and carol anne.

bottom line, I thought we'd be hearing more from edward. "fricking flemish coils" and "fish on friday" is not quite enough for the family. and no excuses about bandwith, carol anne, i've read the daily posts from other pac cuppers!

Zen said...

I agree heidi

where's the beef!?

Zen said...

over a week on the water, half way + to Hawaii and get told about off color cd's, Sea Shanties,& bloody flemish coils!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Heidi, I think Tillerman was right.

The last word on the Oceanaire blog was that things were 'getting tropical' and Edward was shedding his clothes. Then, we find out there are 'women' aboard, and they're all singing ribald shanties. By now, they've got to be seriously into the grog.

No way I'd be blogging, either.

Anonymous said...

I think Edward is very wise not to write any more posts. Drunk naked blogging is never a good idea.

Zen said...

Your wisdom always guides us, elder blogger

heidi said...

ok, i got the scoop in an extremely brief email from the drunken naked sailor. first, he's not drunk or naked (bor-ing), but, and I quote:
"Sailmail is threatening to cut us off, we're downloading a lot of weather info and we don't have any more bandwidth."

carol anne, i think you were right regarding bandwith, they must have cheaped out on what they got (well, ok, those are my words, not yours). that or they are getting some SERIOUS weather info.

wait! "Downloding a lot of weather info???" How much do you need? They are all drunk.

Lonnie Bruner said...

RE: flemish coils: They DO serve a purpose. They are flat against the deck/dock and you can easily step on them without tripping. Putting them this way prevents tangles as well and they deploy quickly when you need them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but fess up, Lonnie, do you have them on YOUR docklines?

I can't see a couple rousing choruses of Friggin' in the Riggin' and then stepping off the boat and tidying up Flemish coils.

I'll bet Paul Cayard doesn't do Flemish coils.

Lonnie Bruner said...

@Anonymous O Docker

Yes. I use them.