25 July 2008

Sailmail cleared

We've finally cleared out sailmail backlog and can commence email again. It's been much less than advertised as we've had to cut down on our blogging to satisfy our navigator's weather fax and grib addiction. But we're back.

In case anyone from Valis is reading this, we're at four fish now, three of which have been caught on Fridays. Phil asked if there was any significance to this, my only reply was maybe we're finding God and he said, "if you're going to, it's out here." Amen brother.

It is incredible out here. The days are filled with warm winds, relaxing downwind sails, beautiful deep blue seas swelling up under us. And an occasional squall to keep you honest. The nights are dark and filled with stealthy squalls trying to get you when least expected. When the wind dips below 15 knots, we go hunting the squalls (to stave off the boredom half the time). Other times we just try to keep the boat under the wind shifts.

I'm starting to think I need to get Hawaii moved a little closer to San Francisco. 10 days would be a nice trip, 14 is a few too many.

For those of you disappointed by the lack of blogging, I have a notebook filled with pages of Pac Cup thoughts and I will get them published.

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heidi said...

glad to finally here from you. the journal is great, but we want that info now. oh well, as my dad always said, patience is a virtue and a virtue won't hurt you.

yes. he said that. a lot.

your family thanks you for sharing some good info at last....

heidi said...

here meaning hear, of course. freudian slip, wishing you were "HERE."

Anonymous said...

I've changed my mind about the drunk blogging theory. This post is way too sober.

My new theory for the lack of blogging is that they have been downloading gobs of weather data and have been gathering secret weather information that will enable them to win their division. That's why they are lurking at the back of the fleet. They don't want to tip their hand too soon and let the rest of the fleet know their secret plan. Then, at the last minute, they will make a daring move north or south and swoop past the rest of the division and arrive in Hawaii in first place.

On second thoughts, maybe the drunk naked blogging theory is more plausible?