10 June 2008

This Is What It's Like

According to our super-savvy-crossing-to-Hawaii veteran Phil, we now know what it's like to sail to Hawaii. Saturday was a beautiful day to sail. It was sunny and windy and warm. Normally, warm weather in San Francisco equals cold wind but something weird was happening, we had a somewhat warm wind. And we were in short sleeves!

Never mind the foredeck in full foulies, those guys up on the pointy end are *weird*.

On our way back to the marina, we set the spinnaker right by the ballpark and proceeded to gybe our way all the way down the estuary, getting great practice on the puffy blue sail. And I learned something really cool while we were at it.

When trimming the spinnaker, lean on the main sheet (like Phil is doing here). Why? Because the darned winch handle keeps getting caught in the sheets otherwise. Our benevolent captain taught me that. All I ask when doing it: Don't Gybe!


Zen said...

Hmmm, Ok, I think I saw you guys. I only remember one boat with a Spinnaker up!

Zen said...

Happy Father's day!

Zen said...

Hmmmm MIA?!