20 June 2008

This Makes It Real

We have an official start date. July 16th. No more answers to "when do you leave?" with "umm, around July 14th". We have a date. And a time. And a list of seven competitors.

Bequia, a Beneteau 41. Ada Helen, a Catalina 42. Rabian, a J-35. Urban Renewal, a J-35. Bullet, an Express 37. Tiki Blue, a Beneteau 423. And Ohana, a Beneteau 45F5. Eight of us bursting out of the gate at 2:10 in the afternoon from the front of the St. Francis Yacht Club. Riding a very easy ebb out the Gate (leaving the South Tower to port). And then, 2070 nautical miles to Hawaii.

But there's a downside to that Wednesday start date. The start is 2 days later than I expected but I can't make my return trip 2 days later. So, I'm losing 2 days of Hawaii time. All I can say is we'd better sail faster.

To Hawaii. I'm sailing to Hawaii.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Cayard still going?