08 May 2008

He's In

We're not actually racing each other, the chances are really low that we'll cross paths mid-ocean, AND we're going to different islands. But my next-slip-neighbor and current feud-mate is officially sailing to Hawaii at the same time I am. He confirmed it last night and the Singlehanded Sailing Society officially re-confirmed it this morning.

You might remember Chris from such hit posts as This is too cool and Down at the docks again. Well, he's completely refurbished his already perfect boat and bought a new #4. His boat is absolutely ready.

His big indecision is whether to sail home right afterwards, ship the boat home, or put the boat in a yard there and sail her home when he gets more vacation time. I vote for ship the boat since I don't want an empty slip next to me.

So, I mentioned already that we're not officially racing. But, come on, who are we kidding? We know our PHRF ratings, let's figure something out here. Based on our PHRF difference, we need to beat him by over 77 hours. But we know that his race is 50 miles longer than ours so let's add 7 more hours to that, we're up to 84. But, that's not really fair either, he's by himself and I have some company and a nicer refrigeration system...what should we add for that factor? 24 hours? That sounds fair. So, we have to get to Oahu 108 hours (4.5 days) faster than Chris gets to Kauai.

Place your wagers in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

I think he should be a new #26.

Anonymous said...

Did I say "be"? I meant "buy". I feel so inferior when I can't figure out what I just said.

EVK4 said...

Update: using the Pacific Cup Rating (which both the SHTP and Pac Cup are)we actually have a 79 hour difference. Adding the 7 hours for his extra miles = 86 hours.

Before adding the single-handed credit, it's been reported that Stan Honey thinks a boat sails faster singlehanded (less crew weight, food, water on board). So I can't give 24 hours, how about 6?

The new number is 92 hours that we have to beat Chris by.