10 August 2006

This is too cool

As I've posted about in the past, my next-slip-neighbor just completed the Singlehanded Transpac. I've known him for about six months since I moved onto dock A and here is what I've learned about him: a) he's smart, b) he has a very trim boat, c) he's very likable, d) he just sailed to Hawaii singlehanded. A few more things, but what I never found out is that he's ridiculously creative.

How'd he do this:

Remember, he's singlehanding. No helicopter escort that we know of. And, despite his seemingly superhuman ability to fly, that's him on the foredeck.

The answer isn't in this video exactly, but I think you can figure out that there is a kite rig, some excellent tradewinds, and what I hope is a waterproof videocamera.

Welcome home Chris.


Anonymous said...

Very nice wing and wing setup on that boat. :D

Litoralis said...

It's pretty amazing how far he can get the camera away from the boat.

Anonymous said...

That rocked!

Anonymous said...

How DID he take those photos? Also, I'm almost positive his boat is a Tayana 37. Atlantic Sailor.

Anonymous said...

The camera really does add 15 pounds, Mr. Atlantic. It's a Dana 24 (27' including the bowsprit). Made by Pacific Seacraft so the seaworthiness is very much in line with a Tayana. She should be back in her slip by September when you visit.

It's a kite with a picavet rig to keep the camera pointing in line with the string. Chris didn't use any R/C just guessed at the angles.

Adrift, I've seen the double headsail configuration referred to as butterfly but I assume it's also a variation of wing and wing. It is nice...you have to love tradewinds.


Anonymous said...

Hi Edward,

Thanks for the flattering comments (obviously you don't know me all that wall, yet :}) and for the link to the video. Look forward to seeing back at the "A" dock.