29 March 2006

Down at the docks again

I went down to the marina again with camera in tow to take some pictures of the previously sunken boat's bilge pump. Thought it'd be funny. I got to their slip and didn't see a boat! Could it be? Did it sink again? No taut docklines leading into the depths so he must be out fixing his electronics somewhere. Oh well, no photos.

But while charging the battery, I looked left and I looked right and thought about how different my neighbors are. My starboard neighbor has a proper trim boat and is getting ready for the singlehanded TransPac.

My port neighbor could use some sanding and varnish to put it kindly. If he's planning on any races, it's probably the singlehanded derelict.

I'm kind of in between and on the road to proper and trim (you should see how nice my halyards look).


Anonymous said...

What, no photo of Rampaging Warrior, Defender of the Bay.

EVK4 said...

Rampaging Warrior, Defender of the Bay is awaiting new sails. She's a little camera shy with the rags that she's wearing currently.

WeSailFurther said...

that derelict boat is great! is it still there, two years later? is it in any better shape?

thanks. there's some serious customer service goin' on around here.