28 February 2008

Welcome Gitana 13

Gitana 13 made her way into San Francisco this morning, beating the previous record from NY to SF by about two weeks.

Photoboy was on hand to grab a few shots:

Photo copyright Erik Simonson of H2Oshots

Their next stop is apparently an attempted record to Japan. I guess the "sailing to Hawaii in 5 days" trip isn't happening.


SailRacer said...

How awesome! I was just watching her sail off Beavertail Rock (Jamestown, RI) in mid January before she left. How cool she has made it out to ya!

She looks a lil bit better than Groupama these days. Ouch!

So, looks like we're in SF Saturday afternoon through Sunday. Things changed on my last minute. On the off chance you are looking for some crew, drop me a line! tobystull@yahoo.com


Zen said...

TO Japan!!! pick me! pick me! pick me!

SailRacer said...

Oh wow. What a day to be on SF bay! We toured the docks and checked into La Phoenix. Love it. Extending our stay until Monday before heading to Tahoe!

We flew in from the south. Was that cute marina south of Foster city yours? Kinda looked like it might be.

Where is Gitana 13 berthing?