27 February 2008

What a Race

Jarrett, of Red Wing fame, pointed out something really cool that I hadn't thought about. I'm going to race Paul Cayard. Paul Cayard usually races people like Mike Sanderson or Russell Coutts or Torben Grael...you know good sailors.

But this time, he's racing me. To Hawaii. I, of course, have an edge on him. Our boat is slower so we start first. He hasn't even bought his boat yet. And he may or may not have the support of the blogging community behind him while I most definitely might.

There are actually two interesting facets to getting to race Paul Cayard. The first is that if I felt like sailing over to Tiburon on a random Friday night for the beercans, I could race against him fairly often from what I understand.

The other is that I'm racing other pretty famous sailors too. At least on Sailing Anarchy they're famous. Wardog is going, Antony is going, Dylan is going and probably a few others that haven't piped up yet. We're going to have an SA division, first prize will probably be a tiki mug or bottle of rum or something. What we really need is an autographed photo of Paul Cayard for everyone who beats him! Oceanaire' plans to be in that (probably very select) group. As I said, what a race.


WeSailFurther said...

what is this "sailing anarchy" you speak of?

nah, jes' kiddin'.

I have an honest-to-goodness SA sticker on my car.

Think Cayard is a SuperReader?

(Hi, Paul. Just in case.)

Litoralis said...

It also looks like one of the keys to being one of the good sailors in the San Fran area is to grow a moustache...get on it.

EVK4 said...

I can't possibly compete on mustaches...now beards are another story as all y'all will see towards the end of July.

WeSailFurther said...

You shouldn't call it the Pacific Cup. Maybe something more like TRATPC: The Race Against THE Paul Cayard.

And the more we write Paul Cayard the more likely it is that when Paul Cayard does a search for "Paul Cayard" he (Paul Cayard) will find this site/entry.

(Hi Paul)

bonnie said...

Paul Cayard Paul Cayard Paul Cayard Paul Cayard Paul Cayard and did I mention Paul Cayard?

Paul here yet?

Anonymous said...

He bought a boat. I saw him on Friday in Santa Barbara. He bought Hula Girl (formerly "Gone With the Wind" and was delivering her back to San Francisco. Rad boat. KKMI turbod her and she looked sweet!!