06 March 2008

Bunch of Stuff....Downwind Related

I got my batch of gear for the Downwind Adventure Kit. Well, at least most of it. The spinnaker halyard block is too small so I have to go up in size. The 40mm block is eminently re-usable so it's not a total loss. I measured my EBay spinnaker and it's too small also, a full five feet shorter in the luff than the EBay seller said. I'll have to hit a marine flea market this week or start trolling the used sails shops.

At least these are all conquerable and in the name of downwind speed.

I still have to get up the mast and that's the real trick. I have two kids and apparently there is a seasonal baby boom effect since every single weekend day has at least one birthday party scheduled for the next month. I'm sneaking out for the flea market this Sunday but don't know if that translates to enough time to go up the mast. Darned kids.

I have until June to have a spinnaker rigged and a bowman trained. I've set the Sarcoma Cup as my goal for my first spin race. All I have to do is skip out on a birthday party or two and I might just make it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Edward. These guys seem to have a bunch of used sails available. Just plug in the dimensions you're looking for an see what comes up.