10 December 2007

Don't Guess, this is Van Gogh

After Tillerman's excellent contest to guess which twentieth century politician painted a couple of sailboats I started thinking about my favorite sailboat painting. I really don't like those HMS Victory smashes the French/Spanish fleets or the Balclutha rounds Cape Horn type of pieces. Nothing against the majesty of the sea or anything but that's not what I like in art.

I like Van Gogh. And I like the sailboats he painted. When I went to grab a copy of this painting off the internet, I found it in a very odd place, a blog I frequent often: Panbo. Panbo is about marine electronics not art. It's a great stretch and nice to find my image in a cozy known place.

As an aside, as far as I can tell, my favorite painter, Paul Cezanne, has never painted a sailboat. I have to hit my reference books when I get home.


Litoralis said...

What about "The Boat and the Bathers?"

EVK4 said...

Litoralis, I had never seen that painting before. As I suspected, L'estaque has a white sail in it. It's hard to paint that much water without at least one sailboat.

Zen said...

Nice Painting. I've neer seen it before even in art class :-(