20 July 2006

Bond, James Bond

Apparently Bond is getting all salty in his next movie. According to Classic Boat Magazine, Bond is going to be sailing this strip-planked Spirit 54 in Casino Royale. I thought they already did a Casino Royale with that forgettable Bond, but I may be wrong. Isn't that the one where his wife is killed? No wonder he goes sailing.

Really, this is just an excuse to class up my blog a bit with a picture of a nice boat, but you have to admit this is a nice boat.


I wrote an essay years back comparing the various Bond's abilities with the ladies. I'm pretty sure Connery got the most action, but there's no way it'll compare to the new Bond running around on this beauty. They may have to change the movie's rating.

1 comment:

Zen said...

Yeah, I thought they did Casino Royale with what's his face also.

Sean was for real the best Bond. The Steel guy is pretty good. They should have made a show with him as the son of Sean, taking the over the reins.

Anyway cool boat!