21 July 2006

Where do I sail?

Just trying to fit in here in the sailingblogosphere. I've shown satellite views of my marina before to illustrate particularly interesting events (Catalina 38 trying to kill me, wind direction vis a vis my slip) but never for the sole purpose of showing where I sail. The reason for this? Any sailor worth his/her salt should be intimately aware of San Francisco Bay. If anybody tries to pull out some East Coast bias on this, or even bragging about how you wear shorts all year in San Diego, I'll just take my wind-o-meter down to the marina this afternoon and embarass you. I mean it. Unless you're from Sydney...I'd really like to sail there.

So, here's my Marina (official title: The Grand Marina of the People's Republic of Berkeley):
New Picture
To the East is a wetlands preserve (sattelite photo before they got anything preserved obviously). To the North is a kite flying park (remember the wind I talk about).

The marina fits into the greater bay:
New Picture bay

TGMotPRoB is on the far right middle, draw a line from there to the Golden Gate (on the far left middle) and you have the wind direction. When the tidal current is flooding, Alcatraz actually puts out a wake that the racers call the cone..you sail into the cone to get current relief. Very cool but you can't see it in this picture.

Go the Cone!

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