18 July 2006

Ten Thousand Visits

I have just passed ten thousand vists to this most humble of blogs. I know it's about 15 blog-obsessed sailors hitting the refresh button frantically trying to find out my latest adventures. Or maybe 30. But there's no denying, my site has been viewed 10,000 times. And counting.

This is not the world's most popular blog and never will be, but it just amazes me that people beyond my circle of 4 friends will read boring drivel about me and my boats. God Bless the Internet.

My newest favorite visitor googled sunfish daggerboard and got me on the 13th link. If I remember correctly, this person from Greene, Maine (latitude 44.1921, longitude -70.1442) had the distinct pleasure of reading my recollections of my grandmother's rattleboarded sunfish. Lucky Mainian.


Zen said...

that says it all dude , you rock!

EVK4 said...

yeah, we'd all be embarassed if tillerman posted his stats...that guy has a following. he's the pied piper of sailing blogs.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've set up a bot that visits your website, just so you think you have traffic. :D

Anonymous said...

Gee, I set one up also. ;)

Kudos Edward!