11 September 2005

Times are a-changin'

Things are a little different around here the last few weeks. For some reason, I don't see a lot of sailing in the cards during these last gasps of summer. H*ll, it didn't even bother me that I didn't know where my dock key was for 3 days (it was in the kitchen drawer, remember to check there next time).

The reason? Noah William K., born very healthy on September 6th:

Maybe the focus of the blog will change for a while but keep in mind that McMurray was in the running for his name up until the last minute. It means Son of a Mariner. He'll sail, oh yeah, he'll sail.


Anonymous said...

Noah for sure will sail, and may very well build his own some day. But for now dear Noah, "rest and be comfortable".

Tillerman said...

Congratulations. And what a great name for a sailor!

EVK4 said...

Why hasn't anyone commented on the incredible lighting for that picture? Give me some encouragement so I can go professional people.