17 September 2005

Once every ten days

OK, the boy was ten days old yesterday and I finally made it down to the boat. Not bad, once every ten days, that gives me approximately two sailing or boat days every three weeks. I've seen boats at the marina with a lot less love than that.

Now the problem is my loyal readership now numbers in the tens. And I know all of y'all don't really want to wait every ten days for a scintillating sailing story (like how this weekend I finally put the forward starboard window back in). So, do I repurpose the blog and annoy Tim for using words like repurpose?

Do I make it a daddy-blog and fall into line with every other dad who wants to make himself look more involved than he really is (seriously, they're not fooling anyone tapping away at the computer while the Mom changes diapers, helps develop motor functions, and raises the kids).

I could reminisce about old stories (did I ever tell you the one about the Columbus Day Regatta and hooter patrol?), but that would bore me faster than it will bore you and I don't need my readership to decline into the single digits.

So, what to do? Sneak out and sail more? Make up sh*t? Mix clever fatherhood stories in with the good stuff? It's got to be sail more and let the kid fend for himself. The blog has to come first.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog! I'll be sure to bookmark it!

I have one about website marketing but mine just has a few posts.

Keep up the good work! :*)

Anonymous said...

Dude-you are so missing the obvious here: bring the baby on the boat. that's good for a posts: HK's reaction, the baby's reaction, photo's etc.

Also, why are you worried about once every 10 days for new posts? Tim seems to post once a fiscal quarter and I still check it every day.


Greg said...

Viva La Blog...
Sons are a gift. I enjoy sailing with mine more than trying to get him to accomplish homework. Some of my waking moments are consumed with Criboards, Reefing and wiring.If I'd get off this computer I may be ready for the Bay by early Oct. Any weekned days free? He'll surely want to be bored with some of your video!