25 September 2005

The Blog will be back

Hey Brendhan.

So I have a sailing plan all plotted out. And with sailing comes blogging.

In early October, Junior gets introduced to the boat. I'm starting very simple, he will be allowed to use either landlubber or nautical terms and since he doesn't know left from right yet he's excused from how red right returning differs internationally and things like that.

In mid-October, I'm going to start sailing. In return, my beautiful wife gets to start jogging. Once I re-acquaint myself with all things nautical, I'm getting the band back together and in November we'll start the Chowder series on Sunday afternoons.

In the meantime, I could awe you with cute baby pictures, Camille prodigy stories, or the series of bleary-eyed self portraits I'm doing for the inevitable day when Noah says I never did anything for him. Maybe anticipation of my clever sailing stories is better blogaterial on second thought.

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