28 September 2005

The Look

I've already covered one of these photos but I'm sensing a theme in my little girl. In sporting events she gets a deadly serious intense look on her face. Camille is not an uptight kid, the character trait she most highly values in a person is silliness. But when she's doing something sporty she gets on her game face.

This is an intimidating look (despite the pink soccer ball) :

And this is the concentration at the helm :



Anonymous said...

Who's the dude in the loafers and bad jeans in the background? You complain about Marin? Damn dude, even we're not that Euro trash.

Camille, of course, rocks.

EVK4 said...

That's a chick...is the north bay that freaky that you can't even recognize a woman anymore?

Anonymous said...

It was the man's jacket and lumberjack mitts that threw me off. I stand corrected.