21 September 2009

Comments anyone?

The apocalypse. It's going to happen, maybe soon. The good thing is, there will be signs. You know, like Kraken and boiling seas and G-rated sea shanties. We'll know, it will be OK, don't worry.

Unless one of those signs has happened? And we missed it. Like if a serial commenter started his own blog to elicit comments. Would that be a sign, could it be a sign? Should we expect to see the mythical Four Bowmen hoisting their spinnakers?

Is the apocalypse upon us?


O Docker said...

Honestly, sometimes I have no idea what you're talking about.

But if starting a blog is enough to get you to post a little more often, I'll start a new blog every week.

bonnie said...

sorry, too busy commenting at O Dock to leave anything worthwhile here.

Fungod said...


Newport raft up on 10-24&25 at Clipper Cove. Interested?

Craig from h2uh0

Zen said...

Sorry, I've been to busy reading signs and looking out for sea monsters to comment.

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Tony Austin said...

Hey, what is your take on Marc Faber?

Pat said...

It was very distressing to see the photos of the giant kraken threatening San Francisco over on Joe's blog. However, one of his most recent photos seems to indicate that the east side of the bay is still okay; the O Dock gate was pictured with all of its glorious warning and prohibition signs over on the Horse's Mouth, so O docker should be able to keep blogging through the current apocalypse.

matt said...

Alright. Breathe deep. Relax. My guess is the world is going to be there tomorrow, just like it was yesterday.

tillerman said...

But where is the SuperBlogger? Was this his last post? Did the kraken get him?