02 October 2009

Cleaning day is upon us

For some of the more unfortunate parts of the country, sailors are cleaning their boats, readying for a winter of storage. Me, I'm going to clean my boat readying for a winter of sailing after a summer of neglect. Take that Upper Midwest!

My beautiful wife made me promise that we'd go down to the marina as a family, get the darned thing clean and quite possibly take Lady Bug for a ride. Here's the forecast:
W winds 5 to 15 kt...increasing to 15 to 25 kt in the afternoon. Local gusts up to 35 kt in the afternoon.
Umm, let's get that sailing in early. Whenever the SF Bay has a range, Berkeley is the top-end. So it might just be a cleaning day.

Anyway, what' does Fall Cleaning entail? For me, it's a good solid scrubbing of the deck. For my beautiful wife, it's vacuuming and cleaning of the cabin. So, we'll be on different parts of the boat but it will get clean.

And, O-Dockmeister, I pulled that dinghy painter out of the water weeks ago.

1 comment:

O Docker said...

I know about your painter - it was in the marina newsletter.

But what is it about wives and the timing of their homing instincts? My wife had me promise the same thing for this weekend - until the evil overlords of work intervened.