11 September 2009

Not a lot of photos

When preparing for Pac Cup Oh Eight, I took well over a thousand pictures. And this was before the race even started. During the course of the race, I added another 500 or so.

A couple of interesting things happened with respect to cameras. During all the preparations, I took pictures almost exclusively with my Nikon. Once Garrett got a little waterproof camera, I took a few with that but not many. Once the race started, the DSLR got put away and 100% of the pictures were with the little waterproof camera. And I've stayed in that habit. That is, I'm not taking pictures with the big camera any more.

But I don't have a little camera to replace it. So, I've just not taken pictures. I've sailed on Valis twice, Lady Bug dozens of times, Temerity twice, and a charter down in LA. A few pictures with my phone and that's it.

Well, my beautiful wife has solved this for me. She knows that I lead a wet life (swimming and sailing and Camille's swim meets) when I'm recreating. So she got me my very own waterproof camera. Behold:

Plus, it's green. How cool is that.

So you can now expect more pictures of sailing on Valis, Lady Bug and Temerity. Quite possibly, this blog will get video of me learning to swim properly. Hopefully, I'll never have to combine all three (swimming, sailing and photos).

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