28 August 2009

There's something down there

My fear of massive man-eating sea creatures is well known. I fear them and they know I fear them. That's why the prospect of one of these Kraken migrating from the Ocean Depths into the San Francisco Bay is so troubling. I'm usually not the type to spread mass panic but I believe this to be the case.

I have two proof points and two witnesses. But no pictures because things like this don't actually show up on film so why bother.

On Wednesday, I was steering up Raccoon Strait (thanks O Docker) paying attention to why my tacking angles were so poor when I saw this silvery gray flash of of the port stern and then a big splash. "What the?" I thought. Then Mary said something to the effect of "wow, that was a HUGE fish" and that it jumped clear of our toe-rail. I'd like to point out that Valis has about 4 to 5 feet of freeboard, that fish had JUMPED. And there's only one reason for that, something even bigger was down there trying to eat it. Or us, maybe the thing down there was looking to eat us and the fish just happened to save us by being in the way.

Also on Wednesday, over by AT&T Park, we saw a sea lion repeatedly jumping clear of the water and thrashing about like it had St. Vitus Dance. Over and over this sea lion jumped out of the water. And there's only one reason: sea monster. Or sea monsters. The only comfort came when the same sea lion started tossing what looked like a hunk of sea monster flesh in the air. As odd as that was, it probably wasn't a fish but more the sea lion warning the other sea monster(s) not to mess with it.

At that point, we trimmed the sails a bit more diligently and headed back to Sausalito and the relative safety of the slip. I think I need to warn all sailors and especially you kiteboarders, windsurfers, paddleboarders and kayakers to be careful out there. Sea Monsters are dangerous and quite possibly breeding.


O Docker said...

We spotted a definite sea monster while coming back under the gate from Out There last summer.

It was pretending to be dead, but you know how sea monsters are.

We knew it was a sea monster because, just before we got there, someone reported it to the coasties on the VHF as a floating 'hazard to navigation'. That's the secret code for 'sea monster' they use on the VHF so as not to cause widespread hysteria.

Pat said...

Did you check the top of your mast for eggs? It wouldn't do for you to encourage them to use your boat's mast as their breeding ground?

Julie said...

I fully believe in such things; how could you not when even Lego's has a Kraken to attack Pirate Island?

Zen said...

Hmmmmmmm. I'll B on the look out!

EVK4 said...

Zen, keep a special lookout in the estuary....that's the sort of spot this creature(s) might feel boxed in and lash out. especially with all those big ol' freighters in there.