07 August 2009

Swim v. Sail

You'd think both are water sports...they can certainly co-exist. But swimming violates one of the my most guarded tenets of sailing, "keep the people on the boat". If I'm sailing, I want the boat on the water, the water out of the boat, and the people out of the water. It's simple. So I can't blog both swimming and sailing in the same blog. Just not possible, I'd go crazy.

So, Crazy Swim Dad has been launched. I don't envision much cross traffic (see above paragraph); in fact, I'm not even going to link them.

What I am going to do is fix my Atomic 4 waterpump this weekend and then start sailing again in August and start blogging about that. Heck, I might even blog about the few times I've sailed since the blog went on hiatus at the beginning of the summer. Or tell about my new digs at J dock (assuming I ever go there). Or talk about my daughter's sail camps (last month and next week). Or give in to my swim obsession. No matter what, i won't be mixing and matching swim and sail in one blog.


O Docker said...

Lady Bug IS looking kind of forlorn.

Do you want me to pull the dinghy painter out of the water the next time I go by or is that a conscious act of studied nonchalence?

EVK4 said...

this weekend, I'm going down and hoping to fix a lot of issues on the boat. I should have to see her in the sad neglected state to teach me a lesson.

O Docker said...


Carol Anne said...

Quel fromage. ;)

Pat said...

C'est le Gruyere or some such cheesy statement? (domage/guerre)