07 August 2009

Liveblogging a regatta

I got an offer to liveblog a pretty major regatta in September. I'd be positioned on a committee boat, have wireless access and specialized software that would stream directly to the yacht club and regatta website. It's like a dream come true.

The problem is that it's the same weekend as my 10th wedding anniversary and my son's 4th birthday party. I love sailing and writing and anchoring in the middle of a lot of big fast boats but I kind of love my family more. Damn.

I'll find out if I can do 1-2 days instead of all 4, maybe I'll be out on the water again somehow. Oh yeah, maybe the Sarcoma cup too (David, I'm checking on that one now with the scheduling master).


David said...


Carol Anne said...

Don't suppose the race committee would allow the birthday and anniversary celebrations to be part of the regatta? Or maybe the committee would allow it, but the guests of honor wouldn't like it?

Wow ... Noah's turning 4 already? Wasn't he just a baby yesterday? Like ... where did the time go?

Oh, well, happy birthday to him, and happy anniversary to you and your wife. If you want a second honeymoon, New Mexico's a great place for it.

Pat said...

Some four-year-olds might like firing the starting gun.... but it depends on the kid and sometimes the mood of the moment.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

bring the family along. ha