21 August 2009

Back in the saddle, err, cockpit

I am sailing twice in the next week. It's been a while and I sure hope I remember the difference between a halyard and a barberhauler. Well, actually, I really don't know what a barberhauler is, I might but I'm not sure. Either way, if either of the boats I'm sailing on has a barberhauler, I'll take a picture.

On Sunday, I'm sailing on Temerity for the Sarcoma Cup pursuit race. I don't add much to that equation other than a warm body who's willing to go on the foredeck if things get nasty but sometimes that's a good role to fill. Camille is going to join us; she's pretty excited to meet David's daughter and sail with her. Hopefully it doesn't rain since I still don't have foulies for Camille.

Next Wednesday, I'm playing hookie to go out on Valis for the first time in a while. It might be just Paul and me, but maybe we can scare some others up. I LOVE Valis and am psyched to get to go "blast" around the Bay on her. Even willing to take a day off of work to do it. Hopefully, Heidi and Noah will be back home in time to go with us.

Anyway, my first planned sails in some time. Good to be back.


Pat said...

Now do get those foulies for your tillergirl as soon as you can! Sometimes I even manage to find useful nautical things in thrift stores; once I even found a float coat in a thrift shop in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, of all places.

David said...

Glad you have had you and Camille aboard!

Zen said...

Wow, a new blogger, always nice to see someone try their hand at not only sailing , but blogging about sailing.

Pat said...

Blogging about sailing is even better than blogging about kayaking or excuses for not sailing, which has been too much the way of my summer. But I'm way looking forward very much to hearing about all the fun you'll have on Valis on the ocean.