27 March 2009

Take Your Daughter to Sea Day: April 5th

I hate to double-post, but I wrote a fun article over at the Examiner about the first annual Take Your Daughter to Sea Day.

Three reasons for this excellent new holiday:
  1. To increase participation in sailing, you have to start them young
  2. Take Your Daughter to Work Day is partially responsible for an increase in women in the workplace (insert huge stretch here) so it goes without saying that Take Your Daughter to Sea Day will eventually lead to more women in sailing
  3. I'm going sailing with my daughter that weekend anyway
Join in and post your own reasons in the comments (if I still have any readers that is).


WeSailFurther said...

um, this is the East Coast asking for a three-month delay, you know, until the sun comes out again. Cool?

EVK4 said...

Opening Day is April 26th...you'd better have sun by then. H3ll, when I left my house today, my 3 year old was wearing shorts.

Tillerman said...

I'm north of Redwing on the East Coast and I was wearing shorts this afternoon.

Where was I? Oh yes. Daughters.

Don't have any. Daughters that is. But I approve of the concept. I think daughters are a good thing. Taking them to sea even better.

EVK4 said...

Tillerman, I fixed it for you in the comments. You can now join the festivities.

Abe Froman said...

The second one might be a bit of a stretch, but the whole thing sounds like fun anyway!

bonnie said...

Haven't got a daughter, but being a daughter who got taken to sea (and river and lake) regularly, I'm loving this idea.

ps wanna see something scary, Edward?

Imagine this in your boat...


JP said...

I worry a bit about bring your daughter to work day as nowadays it is the boys that need roll models more.

IMHO it would be better to call it bring your child to work day.

Anonymous said...


First of all apologies for the long out of context comment but I can't find your email address. It's for a worthwhile cause.

In two weeks, it will be the 40th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's non-stop solo circumnavigation and victory in the Sunday Times Golden Globe.

From what I can tell this seems to be going largely unnoticed. This is arguably one if not the greatest feats in sailing. As a small way to celebrate this I am trying to get a movement going online to make April 22nd Robin Knox-Johnston Day on the web.


To that end I am hoping that you will join me on that day by doing a post in celebration. Alternatively you can tweat, or shout-out on Facebook about it.

If you feel that others in your network would participate too, please pass this on.

Many thanks