22 April 2009

Honor RKJ Every Day

In July of last year, I sailed to Hawaii. Before going I begged desperately for halfway gifts...letting people know that it isn't a Voyage One Third of the Way Across an Ocean without halfway gifts (what's that 1/6th gifts in reality?).

Many answered the call but only one "virtual" friend, Lonnie Bruner. Lonnie wanted to send me a bottle of whiskey and the picture above of him and Robin Knox-Johnston. In almost all ways, RKJ's way is the way to sail the ocean...full of salt and whiskey (disclaimer: I don't drink while sailing but consider it pretty darned salty anyway).

Long story short, Fedex shot down his plan due to some crazy ATF regulations about interstate commerce and alcohol. So he sent me the picture and a CD of raunchy sea shanties designed to offend anyone and everyone. I bet Robin Knox-Johnston would have enjoyed them.


Lonnie Bruner said...

Glad to have helped out your voyage in my little way. Cheers.

ps: You DO drink at anchor, right?

EVK4 said...

More full disclamation: I really don't drink much...sometimes I get a drag off my wife's wine. I'm like the perfect designated driver, I don't drink and love to make fun of drunk people. Win win.

David said...

That's why you should never tell the truth about what is in the package.

Anonymous said...

i've never seen letterman so tan.