12 January 2009

Overnight Adventure at the Dock

It's been a long slow ride to get Noah to like sailing. We had many issues to overcome (fear of wind, fear of boats, fear of high tide, his father's annoying enthusiasm) but we eventually did. Noah now sails with me and enjoys the boat. All good news.

On our last sail of 2008, he went down below right after we left the dock and took a nap. This must have lit a lightbulb in his head. The next day while talking about sailing he asked if we could sleep on the boat, I said, "of course, you took a nap yesterday" and he got more specific, "can we go night night on the boat?". "Ummm, heck yeah we can!"

I envision weekend family vacations swinging from the hook by Angel Island or going off to the BVIs and possibly retiring early, getting some homeschooling books on tape and heading around the world. But you gotta start slowly. So we had an "Overnight Adventure" on the boat Friday night.

I rushed home from work, packed Noah, a heater, some sleeping bags, a laptop, and lots of good snacks and we went to the boat. We saw Chris in the parking lot when we got there...at the time, Noah was in the dock cart covered in sleeping bags and pillows so Chris didn't immediately know he was there. We talked all the way down the dock but separated when we got to our boats.

Noah and I had some serious plans to follow up on. We played Bakugon, pirates, cards, and assorted mixtures of those games. At one point, we even had one of Camille's old My Little Ponies shooting laser blasts with her tail. We ate badly, had all the apple juice we wanted and kept two heaters going full blast. It was the perfect Friday Night at the Dock.

At bedtime, I got Noah in his pajamas, built a nest in the v-berth and set up the laptop with a short bakugon movie. We read the three books we have on board twice each and fell asleep with the howling of 20 knots of wind in the rigging to keep us company.


The O'Sheas said...

As a father of 5 and 7 y/o's, I love this one. Hopefully I can recover from my misstep with the girls and get them in a similar spot. A keelboat will probably make it easier, as the dinghy is quite suspect around our house these days.

Guy Kashtan said...

You're children are beautiful! I used to take the daughter to the docks all the time when i had a yacht a few years ago but eversince she's grown she doesn't like it anymore..

WeSailFurther said...

this story just keeps getting better and better. And I'm looking forward to new chapters.

(I predict you will soon have an agent and a modest book deal for your memoir.)

Tillerman said...

It's been two days since you posted. is this the SuperBlog's swan song?

gerrycammy said...

Awesome! Found your blog via a few others, and have been lurking it for a while, so I figure it's time to leave a comment.

I'm in the pacific northwest, and have a 2 year old and 3 month old. The two year old LOVES boats, and I'm hoping to do our first overnight trip this summer. Your post has given me lots of inspiration to just do it. I look forward to hearing more.

Good luck with the spinnaker... best sail on the boat IMHO.

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