07 January 2009

Getting Ready for the Big Day

I'm all riled up about the Three Bridge Fiasco. I've got a superb crew, a new spinnaker coming, plans for actually rigging the beast, and an organized community.

Captain John is shadowing the race (legal implications of racing a chartered boat), O Docker is entered, David is entered, Breezetrees is entered, Zen is looking into it, and a preliminary badge has been designed.

Now, I have to get the boat ready. The first step was this last Saturday: Noah and I went to the boat, fired up the Atomic 4, took a short journey over to H dock, and emptied the holding tank! 80+ pounds gone from the port bow, getting the boat down to fighting trim!

I got new spinnaker sheets and figured out the block placement. This coming Saturday, Phil is going to come by and help me figure out what I'm doing wrong and take the small kite out for a practice sail. Once he tells me all of my rigging shortcomings I'll have 3 weeks to get it going. I'll put pictures up for even more input.

Three weeks until the fiasco!


Captain John said...

There is still a small chance that I’ll be an entry.

This hinges on a girl my son went to school with, her boyfriend and her Dad, who owns a J105 in the OCSC charter fleet.

It would also involve a huge act of faith on the part of the owner of said J105.

Any EVK4 readers out there with a desire to loan a boat to a complete stranger?

I’ll be turning down any offers that don’t include a spinnaker and an approved marine sanitation device. Without those two items, I’m going to play it safe and be an official blogger shadow boat in the fiasco.

Anonymous said...

I've got Firebolt's primary winches in the garage for a repack, they are pretty sad. My list also includes replacing the topping lift, and if I have time new cam cleats for the twingers. Last hardware upgrade was the Vallejo race.

The grandparents are watching the kids Sunday so we can practice with the kite, and if it's light we will try the #1 jib that we've never used.

I have a spare (old) kite, but it is probably too short for your boat since it's a masthead rig, and you already have one of those I think.

Captain John said...


I posted this on my blog, but am repeating it here in case you are automatically notified.

There are two J105s in this sailing group on Saturday.

If you go to the OCSC website and click on the Fleet page, you can see photos of each boat.

“Y’ is “Tenacity”, Nature Girl will be on board, I don’t know the others on that boat.

“R” is “The Four C’s”, I am slated to go on that boat, and the Admiral has talked her way on that boat as well. Neither of us will be wearing our hats.

This event is organized by a particular person, it is not a ‘club’ event. We are supposed to meet at 0900 hours, and the assumption is that because of a -1.7 low tide, we’ll return to the dock by 1500 hours. By my calculation, that’s 3 o’clock. There is an after sail meeting upstairs in the OCSC clubhouse. EVK4, you are hereby invited to join Admiral Anne and I in the After Sail meeting. I have absolutely no authority to invite you, but that has never stopped me before. If I’m a Blogger Shadow boat in the 3BF, I may crash the skippers meeting as a reciprocal privilege, so please show up with your crew on Saturday, any ole’ lame excuse will do, I’ll buy you and yours a round of bottled water

Perhaps it will lead to some good old peace treaty between the inhabitants of the Peoples Republik of Berkeley Marina, and the Corporate Might of the Olympic Circle Sailing Club, School, Charter Company, the scourge of the Republiks Marina Boating community.

Any other readers of this Blog are welcome as well.

Just shout out “Where’s Captain John?” and I’ll be the one ducking my head. Anne will be the one doubled over with laughter. The Skipper(s) of Record will have dumb looks on their faces. Nature Girl will be jumping up and down.

Breezetrees, I would be deeply honored to make the acquaintance of someone of your distinguished Professorship. Did you ever sail on Yucca? Come on down to OCSC this Saturday afternoon if you can.

I think 'Y' used to be a Cal Maritime boat.