03 December 2008

A Superb Idea

I'm going to take a break from the sensible sailing stylings of EVK4. All I do is go out on the Bay, sail safely, keep out of situations where I'd actually need to know the Racing Rules of Sailing, and enjoy sailing recreationally.

This guy, on the other hand, has hit upon the perfect idea, a way to combine sailing with living in a way that actually gives you enough room to stow groceries, stretch out on a sectional to watch TV and get to sail. In your house.

That's right, put a mast and boom on the top of your house! This sailhouse was found up in the Napa Marina by a sailing anarchist while he was checking on the status of Tin Can (owned infamously by Lonnie Bruner's favorite "sailor" David Vann). Forget that welded up piece of junk, there is a freakin' sailhouse at the marina!

This puts most houseboats to shame since it has a visible means of propulsion. How perfectly eco-green! I'm gonna put one of these up on my house and set sail next time it floods up to the 700 ft altitude I live at.


Carol Anne said...

Gee, maybe I should put a mast on Five O'Clock somewhere, too. It's at about 7300 feet altitude, but still not as high as Mt. Ararat.

The O'Sheas said...


Pat said...

Should we make Five O'Clock Somewhere into a five-masted schooner?