30 November 2008

Noah's First Sail

I've probably written 30 posts on Noah's reluctance to sail. I know of at least 5 where I talked about my plans to slowly introduce him into it, working to overcome his fear bit by little bit. I knew it would eventually happen; it's like potty training, you just don't see a lot of 18 year olds who are scared to get on a boat.

This Saturday my wonderful wife suggested that I go down to the boat to get some time to myself (even though we've had Sunday Sailing planned for weeks). Before I thought better of it, I asked Noah if he wanted to go....and he said yes. At the worst, we'd have father/son time down at the marina. At the best we got:

That's right, he's a sailor now! It's not quite crossing the equator but first steps first, you have to get the sails up for that to happen. As soon as I got home I downloaded the song "Son of a Son of a Sailor" to commemorate his third-generation sailorhood! Dad, he's sailing now!

Tillerman asked about sailing goals some time back; one of my answers was to sail with my Son and I accomplished it this weekend (twice but more on the second sail later). I am so proud of him to overcome his fears and, honestly, proud of myself for helping him get there. But, mostly, I'm just excited to have another crew member: my son Noah.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. In my book that beats crossing the Pacific. Here's to many more sailing experiences with your son.

Zen said...

Whooohooooo that rocks, Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

The scull cap says it all. Go the Noah!

EVK4 said...

Anonymous, not only does this beat crossing the Pacific, it was harder to do and definitely took more time to accomplish.

Fullandby, I just missed you on Saturday; we were coming out of the bathrooms and saw you heading down the gangplank. I knew I'd be back in about an hour but you were gone by then; in fact you were still gone on Sunday when we went for a followup sail. Next time.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Noah.

Anonymous said...

Way to go ... I only wish sailing with my son would have been a bit more of a hit, he is now in college and wondering why I didn't "force" him more when he was younger. (like practicing the piano)

Now about the only sailing we do together is renting a Hobie while on vacation. :-(

Take it from me, don't sell that boat because of sports, school, bigger house, work, etc ... and set aside that time to regularly sail with your son (and family). I doubt it will be a regret.

Tillerman said...

Congratulations. Again, because I was the first Anonymous too. Must have clicked the wrong button.

Not sure I agree with second Anonymous or his son. Kids have so many choices these days and IMHO it's a mistake to "force" them to do something just because you enjoy it. All you can really do is offer options and encourage them and let them make choices.

As you found with Noah, if he doesn't want to do something he's going to make it pretty damn hard for you to force him. You brought him along very well. But if, when he's 13, he decides he wants to do something totally different from sailing what are you going to do?

The good thing about sailing is that there are so many different ways to enjoy it that chances are good that any kid will find some niche in the sport that suits his own personality and aptitude.

The other good thing is that even if a kid goes off sailing he can always come back to it as an adult, unlike so many other sports.

O Docker said...


Noah's now sailed two more days than I have this month.

The young pirate wouldn't have a taste for ice cream, would he? Consider Marina Bay - maybe a nice Noah-sized voyage.

Close. Mostly sheltered reach to get there. Easy dock to tie up to at the deli.

And ice cream!

Carol Anne said...

Bravo. I'd vote with O Docker to get the kid ice cream, but this time of year, I'm more into hot chocolate -- with a marshmallow on top, of course.

bonnie said...


Brendhan said...

Congratulations Noah! You are a heartier sailor than I, and you're well on your way to good times with your dad.

Note to skipper: Noah's expression/movements at the 2:07 mark-I recall reacting in a similar manner last time I sailed...