05 December 2008

Now This Was Different

After the spectacular success of the Father/Son Inaugural Sail, I had to try it again. So, on Sunday, we all trudged down to the boat (well, actually Noah and I trudged and readied the boat and then waited for Heidi and Camille to show up) and went sailing. I have this very very flawed weather philosophy that doesn't accept change. I always assume today's weather will be just the same as yesterday's. Of course, this would not allow the weather to ever change if Mother Nature accepted this proposal. But she doesn't. And it wasn't.

Saturday was an incredible day to sail with a youngster...warm with just enough wind to keep the boat moving at a reasonable speed. Sunday was just as warm but somehow the concept of wind wasn't involved. We were comfortable but just not moving. This is a death sentence with Heidi usually. She hates going slowly or, worse yet, drifting.

But somehow it wasn't so bad this time. Perhaps it was the relief that Noah is now sailing and that she can start getting time off from him when we go to the boat. Or just that it was warm enough for her to lie in the sun and enjoy a relaxing drift-fest. Either way, everyone enjoyed it despite the GPS SOG reading of 0.0 knots.

I have plans to sail again this weekend. Now to see if
NE winds 5 to 10 kt...becoming NW.
is enough wind to make it interesting for all involved.


EVK4 said...


NE winds 5 to 15 kt...becoming N 5 to 10 kt in the afternoon.

Pat said...

Lovely, or as we like to say,
"The winds around here are perfect --
on average."