24 November 2008

Another No-Sail Weekend

Here we are in the middle of the sailing season in San Francisco and I went another weekend without getting on the water. A swim meet was the culprit this time so I can't complain...it actually has me considering expanding Polka Dot Racing to include other water-based sports. I could then expand the scope of the blog to brag about Camille swimming the 25 Free in 17.79 seconds. Maybe.

Until then, I'm going to imagine another dinner with legendary dead sailors. I had this idea that it *would* be good to have Donald Crowhurst over. I imagine it would go like this:

EK: Donald, want to come to dinner?
DC: Sure, I can invent a technologically advanced fork to eat faster than you and win the dinner!
EK: Yeah.

The night of the dinner would come and he wouldn't show up but I'd read in the paper about how his new fork has allowed him to eat more spaghetti than anyone ever had before at my dinner party the night before. I could follow the progress of his dinner eating accomplishments through his blog and see that, indeed, he was better at eating dinner at my house than anyone who had ever visited.

Yet, he wasn't there. And, in the end it would turn out he had bulimia and the whole dinner blog was a fake.

I've actually put a lot of thought into how much fun it would be to have two blogs, one detailing how he never shows up for dinner invitations and the other detailing how brilliantly he eats with his technically advanced fork.

But if I don't have time to sail, I sure as heck don't have time to blog about fake dinner invitations. And, besides, the ending would kind of suck and be depressing.

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Anonymous said...

Damn you. How did you guess that my blog is total fiction?