23 October 2008

Past the Gate

No, not my virtual ocean racing self; I'm still at 4 Degrees North hoping to get through the doldrums. But Green Dragon made it through the scoring gate at Fernando de Noronha first, validating my choice of them as the Greatest Ocean Racing Boat (GORB) of All Time (OAT).

The race coverage hasn't been exactly what I was hoping for but by having a Virtual Boat (VBo) I've been able to supplement my rooting interest and am having a full-on ocean racing experience. With some striking similarities and differences.

  • Early morning wake up calls to check sail trim
  • Maddening wind shifts
  • Navi-guessing

  • I still have to go to work every day
  • I stay a bit drier
  • I throw up less often

Overall, not a bad experience. Go The Dragon! Any my VBo too.

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