26 August 2008

Whale of a Time

Please click for a great whale video. We raced against Valis in the Pac Cup and I had a great time following both their trip there and back via their blog. Through the magic of the internets, I know a couple of guys on their boat and met most of them in Kaneohe. But there is no way I would have predicted that they would have the encounter that is in that video without one swear word. Sheesh, what I would have said would not be suitable for a family blog.


Anonymous said...

Any word from Chris?

Some of his early logs made the SHTP site, but nothing after that. Did he divert to help Sparky?

Sounds like some of the single handers knew some real terror, especially those in the tiny boats.

Zen said...

in a small boat that would have been a whale of a terror!!!

Anonymous said...

Zen, you're in touch with spiritual matters much more than I - maybe you can help explain this.

Have you noticed that something's changed here since Edward's great adventure?

Have you noticed the great yawning void that's developed here? I mean, just listen to that echo.

I posed a nice, respectful question about Edward's dockmate and fellow Pacific traveller, Chris - nothing wise-lipped or smarmy - and no response whatsoever.

For weeks before Edward left, Chris was the subject of a whole series of posts - the kite-flying, Nietzsche-quoting Yoda of A Dock. His must have been an awe-inspiring passage - alone on a 24-foot boat - certainly frought with moments of genuine terror. Aren't we all a bit curious about him?

Could Edward be a victim of terror envy? Is he loathe to admit that someone could have suffered more terror than he?

Or, did Edward discover he could keep his blog going remotely - over a narrow-bandwidth connection - posting occasionally, but not bothering with comments from the peanut gallery at all?

Did Edward just stay in the islands and give up the day job? Is he on one of those islands now, drunk and naked?

Zen said...

Indeed O docker, I have notice a change in the posting Force. One of those things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.

It could be that ocean crossing ambassador of the Peoples Republic of Berkeley is still in Ocean awe. I have hear that one is humbled by the clarity of our smallness compared to the vastness of the Ocean of Terror that lays just beneath the feet of an ocean traveler. Once one is confronted with realization, it takes awhile for one faced with the possibility of such raw terrorness, that it take some time to rebalance to the harmonic of simple everyday life on land. Now he has a full understanding of the oneness of us all and more so those that have crossed half, well a good chunk of the Pacific...more of a shared respect...are you saying Ed has terror envy?! nay
His wife will not let him play with the computer as much since he has not given her quality time.

he saw a sea monster and is still in denial of his faced terror and can not function well yet

he is goofing off and has not refocused

...the T-man count-down is coming soon Ed, get your act together.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty special to see a whale that up close. Thanks for sharing. I love stuff like that.