25 August 2008

Sheer Terror on the Open Ocean

Much has been made about my account of the Pacific Cup and its lack of terror. Truth is, I've just suppressed much of it due to my incredible control of my prefrontal cortex. But thanks to days of therapy, I've re-remembered all the terror and am ready to share it with you.

Heck, how are you supposed to deal with a helmsman who lets go of the wheel?

Soggy BVDs hanging at the top of the companionway ladder?

Mahi Mahi attacking?

Fashion don'ts?

Naked sailors?

Boxed wine?

And people making fun of your driving?!?

I'm going to call my therapist, I need an emergency session.


Tillerman said...

Oh the sheerness.

Zen said...

OMG the S.T.!!