25 August 2008

Medals in Sailing

I was enjoying some sushi at a business lunch the other day when the subject of sailing came up. I swear I didn't bring it up but once the cat was out of the bag, I jumped all over the subject.

We were talking about weight-obsessed racers when my customer brought up the subject of outboards. I was starting into a story about the Merit 25 I raced on and how we'd keep the outboard below and row into the slip since the outboard was so inaccessible. He stopped me before I could get to the rowing part and said, "which Merit 25?". I told him and he gave an odd look. I knew immediately what the look was and 'fessed up, "yep, I was on the boat after it sank". He smiled and confessed himself that he was on the boat that rescued the crew after the aforementioned sinking.

The Arthur B. Hanson Rescue Medal

How cool is that? I just have to find out now if he actually got a medal or just that web page?


Zen said...

Hmm I'm not sure I get this. after the boat sank you were on it...you're Aquaman?

EVK4 said...

Hmmm, that does sound odd, doesn't it? You sail in the Berkeley Circle, check the depth-o-meter some day, a couple of inflatable anti-sinking-devices and a strong tow boat you can get any boat back from the depths over there.

tillerman said...

Likely story.

Anyway my son, a.k.a. Litoralis was on the design team for the Young America America's Cup syndicate before their boat broke in two and sank. He says he was only working on the sails but I'm not so sure.

Alejandro said...

Hi... I'm a regular reader of this blog, beleive or not you have a fan in Mexico and also happen to own a Merit 25, great boat!
BTW my family and I are thinking to spend the year's end holliday in the Bay area but I thinks I won't have a chance to sail, too cold I think.
Any way keep the blog cool... You can view a picture of the Merit at: